Tamar Valley Photos with Roger Croxson
Tamar Valley Photos with Roger Croxson
Tamar Valley Photos with Roger Croxson

Specialist Digital Art Photographs

These photographs are based on pictures taken of flowers - local if possible and local landscapes including the Tamar Valley, Dartmoor, the Tavy Valley, Bodmin Moor and occasionally the Lost Coast in California.

I have four basic categories, although rules are there to be broken!

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Flowers - these are close-up photographs of flowers, mostly taken in the studio using various lighting techniques providing dramatic effects. These are sometimes modified in post production creating interesting images. Some rectangular and some square

  • Landscapes - these are images of various places in the south west and Northern California, taken outside and then post produced, some left in thee original form, some with changes to the colours. Some rectangular and some square
  • World Within Worlds - these are a combination of two or more photographs, they used to be called double exposures, now they are combined in graphics programs. The idea is to make the mind question what is there so there is often a landscape images with a flower superimposed. These can also have colour modification and only come in the rectangular size and shape
  • Planet Sphericals or Sphericals - these are flowers that have been modified by a program to turn them in upon themselves producing a different view of the flower!
  • Added to these are a series of cards using various images and are normally limited editions of one. The cards have a photograph affixed to a blank card and come with envelope.

Most of the photographs are only available in a set size and all images are one off original prints never to be repeated.

Commissions are undertaken within certain parameters.